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Top 5 Low Carb Substitutes

If we were asked to choose between a healthy lifestyle and delicious food, most of us would hands down go for food; as, most of us live to eat. Even if we chose fitness, it would get really frustrating over the course of time to stay away from all our favourite dishes. Is it really impossible to stay fit without forgoing our love for food? The answer to this is-no! You don’t have to starve yourself from yummy food in order to stay healthy. What you should precisely be doing is to just make sure your tasty food is healthy.

We are all aware of carbs being the cause of various health ailments like weight gain, diabetes, cholesterol etc. But sadly, almost all our favourite foods are made of carbs and sugar. So, you may wonder that the delicious food you favour can never be healthy. However, we are gifted with low carb substitutes that you can use to make your favourite food healthy.

Cinnamon is the new sweetener

If you are on the LCHF diet or in the journey of healthy eating, the first thing you would sacrifice is the sinfully delicious sugar. Your coffee or tea seems incomplete without sugar. For someone who loves sweets, this would be the bitterest breakup. You needn’t deprive your taste buds from sweets, go for cinnamon instead. Cinnamon has a lot of health benefits with controlling sugar levels being the primary one.  You can add cinnamon to everything that requires sweetness. You can also drop cinnamon powder to your brews that would not only make them sweet but make them healthy too.

Turn your veggies into bread

It seems impossible to go without bread right? Not until you substitute them with veggies. You can use your veggies like cauliflower, zucchini and eggplants in place of breads. You could ideally ditch the breads in your sandwiches and rolls and stuff your veggies with the usual sauces and stuffing you make. Whatever you add to enhance the taste of your plain bread will improve the taste of your veggies instead. If you are willing to take step further, bake your own vegetable breads that are soft and fluffy like your usual bread.

You can also make your giant burgers with cloud breads – that is made of eggs or mushroom buns, made of Portobello mushrooms. Slather your sauces and arrange your assortment of veggies and bite on to burgers every day. Your wraps also wouldn’t need breads anymore when there is lettuce. Lettuce is a fat-free alternative that is rich in fibre and a rich source of vitamins C and K.  This crunchy veggie in place of bread would make your wraps refreshingly delicious.

Replace your pizza crust with cauliflower and you’ll be left with a delicious pizza that’s made only with veggies, making it a healthy treat.

Carb-free cauliflower rice

What’s more filling and comforting than having a hot bowl of rice when hunger strikes? You can make your very own carb-free rice in minutes with cauliflower. All it requires is coarsely shredding the chunks of cauliflower. This rice is fuss-free and requires lesser time and energy than boiling rice. Cauliflower is packed with vitamins, proteins, potassium and manganese and imparts wonderful health benefits. You are not only cutting down on carbs but are also increasing your veggie intake whilst enriching your body with nutrients.

Satiate your noodles and pasta cravings with veggies

Cutting down your carbs doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your pastas and noodles. Shred your veggies with julienne peeler or thinly slice them to spirals or ribbons and use them in place of your noodles and pastas. Cabbages and zucchinis make for perfect pastas and noodles and taste just fine. Blend in your choice of sauce, meat and veggies in to your spirals and you’re all set to slurp on them. This healthy version of carb-free noodles is highly nutritious, filling and is the perfect way to get your portion of vegetables and its delicious taste.

 Fries the healthy way

When the clock strikes snack time or you are having another episode of junk cravings, a big bag of chips is your saviour. You do not have to fear about your cravings when you are on a low-carb diet. Crispy fries can be made the healthy way at the comfort of your home with butternut squash, raddish, carrots and eggplants. Thinly slice the veggies of your choice, coat them with spices and set them in your oven. You can binge on these fries whole day without worrying about your health. This is yet another interesting way to have your veggies. This one’s not only for people who are looking to cut down carbs, but for anyone who want to have their boring veggies they despise the tasty way.

Have fun staying fit by enjoying the healthier version of your favourite food.


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