Junk Foods

Is Our Food Making Us Sick?

In our daily lives, we turn to food when we experience tiredness, frustration, sadness, happiness, depression, boredom, and hunger. Our modern lifestyle has
ingrained in us the belief that food is the ultimate solution to everything. From movies to holiday celebrations and advertisements, it’s all portrayed as an indulgent experience.


Many of us find ourselves trapped in a continuous cycle of eating, sleeping, and working, barely leaving any room for breaks between meals. But have you ever wondered if our food choices could be contributing to the alarming rise in obesity and diabetes? Is there something amiss in what we are consuming?


Food has played a pivotal role throughout human history, shaping our development and fueling our intelligence. Early humans discovered that the types of foods they consumed set them apart from their genetically similar ape counterparts. This realization led to the recognition of food as a powerful source of nourishment and medicine. Ancient health practices like Ayurveda and similar traditions across cultures have long embraced food as a remedy for various ailments.


Modern research supports this ancient wisdom, revealing the profound influence of our dietary habits on our health. While certain foods can contribute to chronic health conditions, others possess remarkable medicinal and protective qualities. By understanding the impact of our food choices, we can unlock the potential to improve our well-being and reduce the risk of disease.

Food is Medicine
Clever Supermarket Shopping

Unravelling the Link: Marketing, Diet, and Health

In the last century, there’s been a concerning trend of declining health and a surge in diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, high Cholesterol, and PCOS. What caused this shift? Where did things go wrong?

Numerous studies point to a direct correlation between our modern-day diet, filled with overly processed, refined, fast foods, and the rise of Lifestyle Diseases. The reduction in naturally occurring foods has played a part too.

Over the past few decades, cunning marketing tactics and countless commercials have ingrained in our minds that food is the answer to every emotion we experience. Packaged and factory-produced foods are constantly promoted as staples in our diets. Take a closer look, and you’ll find that these commercials mostly focus on foods that are highly refined, processed, and loaded with sugar.

The Result: Uncontrolled Obesity, Diabetes, PCOS, Heart problems, Skin issues and other similar lifestyle diseases.



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