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The 6 Healing Benefits of Bone Broth

Do you remember grandma’s recommendation of chicken broth to reduce cold & congestion?

Bone Broth has long since been used in traditional cultures and native medicines. You might even recognize it as the traditional “Paya Soup” or “Paya Curry” served in a few places and a staple in a handful of societies nowadays .

Just like many other healing recipes, bone broth also was forgotten for a while and is now being revived across the globe.




Bone broth is a super potent, nutrient-dense soup made with bones, vegetables and a few select spices. It is a comfort drink that makes you feel really good during cold seasons and a highly under-rated medicine to heal several health problems. Making bone broth was a way our ancestors made use of all the parts of the animal, imbibing all the nutrients and keeping wastage to bare minimum or none at all.


Broth made from bones is a powerhouse of nutrients that we may otherwise find it tough to source or absorb. According to nutrition researchers bone broth contains these essential minerals in an easily absorbable form:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Silicon
  • Sulphur
  • and others

They also contain essential amino acids like proline, glycine, gelatin – which are important for bone-joint health, healthy skin, tissues, hair and nails. Bone Broth also contains important compounds like- chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine – that are sold as expensive supplements for reducing inflammation, joint pains & arthritis.



1. Excellent for the Joints

Our bodies naturally contain a protein called collagen which makes up our tissues, hair, skin, cartilage, ligament, etc. As we grow older, this collagen reduces. Bone Broth is an excellent source of this collagen. As the bones simmer, the collagen from the bones break down into readily absorbable nutrients to supplement the one we have lost over time.

2. Boost Gut Health & Immunity

What our ancestors knew all along, recent findings have proven it. Studies have shown that Bone broth is an excellent anti-inflammatory food and also helps is healing the gut and intestinal lining. As the nutrients are broken down during the process of broth making, they become easily absorbable. This makes bone broth one of the most easily digestible foods and soothing to the digestive systems. If you are seeing high CrP levels in your blood report – a sure sign of high inflammation – this should be your go-to medicine on a daily basis.

Our Gut system is the base of our immunity. A gut that is compromised, lowers a person’s overall immunity. Many gastrointestinal diseases like Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, etc. arise from nutritional deficiencies. It makes the walls of the intestine weak, allowing food particles to leak from the intestine and into the blood system. This in turn triggers an immunity response, leading to inflammation and further dysfunctions.

Compounds present in the bone broth form a protective mucosal layer in the intestinal walls and prevent it from breaking down any further. When consumed along with gut healthy foods, it aids in healing the gut, thus providing relief from IBS, UC or Chron’s symptoms. Furthermore, the nutrients in the broth also promote healthy sleep, boost energy and improve mood swings.

Bone Broth

Bone Broth

3. Weight Loss Friendly

Bone Broth contains high amount of proteins and healthy fats along with a good dose of minerals and vitamins. All these together are an excellent recipe to lose unwanted fat in the body without unnecessary “periods of starving” or counting calories.
The proteins and fats in the broth work together to keep you fuller for longer, hunger at bay and preserve lean muscle mass.
When combined with resistance training, it has been shown to improve fat loss, improve bone mineral density and increase muscle mass in men and women.

4. Anti-Ageing

Collagen is a protein that is found in hair, skin, nails and other tissues. It is responsible to maintain the skin’s tone, texture and youthful appearance. As we age, the integrity of collagen decreases and it shows up in the form of wrinkles, puffiness, etc in the skin.
Many studies have reported people to have shown a visible improvement in their skin and its texture upon consumption of collagen supplements for even a short period of 4 weeks. Bone Broth is strongly associated with Collagen. Consuming 300ml of bone broth has been shown to increase plasma levels of the precursor amino acids glycine and proline that are required to form collagen.

5. Helps in Detoxifying the Body

Our lifestyle exposes us to various chemicals, compounds and toxins. While the body has its own mechanism to detoxify, it may start feeling the brunt if the toxin load becomes overwhelming. A little external aid can always prove to be handy.
Bone Broth contains potassium and glycine that supports liver detoxification. When you boost its properties with Sulphur from garlic and onions, it helps in lowering oxidative stress.

6. Improve Sleep

Glycine is one of the supplements that has been safely recommended to people often suffering from Insomnia. A study suggested that a 3g dose of glycine before bedtime improved sleepiness, reduced fatigue and allowed people to have a deep sleep. It also reduced symptoms of day time sleepiness.
Bone Broth is rich in glycine and consumption of broth on a regular basis can show an improvement in sleep patterns.

7. Thyroid

Fish bones are a source of Iodine and can prove to be an excellent supplement if you have an Iodine deficiency or suffer from Thyroid.


The process of making bone broth is relatively easy. All you need to do is gather the leftover bones, cartilage, tissues, etc of the animal and simmer it with water & some spices for at least 4 hours. In case you are someone who only consumes boneless variety of meat, you can buy good quality bones from your local butcher. If you have a good relationship with him/her, you can even get it for free.

Click here for detailed Bone Broth Recipe.


Freshly made broth is liquid and can be consumed like soup when it’s hot or warm. As it cools, it becomes gelatinous. It is best to make it in large batches. It can be refrigerated upto a week. If you want to store it for longer, it is recommended to freeze it in small parts. All you need to do it warm up each serving before consuming.


Bone broth can be consumed in various forms:
– Just like it is
– In soups
– In sauces when cooking.


It is recommended to consume at least 300ml every day for at least 1 month to see visible benefits. It is also an ideal way to fuel your long fasts (Fat Fasting). I also recommend people to break their fast (water fasts) with small amounts of bone broth.


Overall Bone Broth contains a whole truckload of nutrients. While scientific studies may be slow in showing research, there are many real-time experiences of people who have use bone broth as part of their healthy diet to heal themselves. So, while we wait on the large scale studies to emerge, let’s continue to get benefitted with a whole host of nutrients by consuming that 1 cup of broth daily.

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